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Save time & handle compliance headaches with ADP’s S corp payroll offering

Fast and accurate small business payroll and automatic tax filing to save you time.

The trusted, secure & easy way to handle your payroll taxes

Officers in S-Corporations are typically paid on an annual or quarterly basis. This is very different than small business payroll.

In the U.S., income tax must be paid when it’s earned or received during the year and at least 90 percent of the income tax owed must be paid on a quarterly basis. And if you’re taking dividends, you have to manage complex tax and reporting requirements to avoid IRS fines. With DISCOVERY PAYROLL, you can leave this payroll tax work to us.

Our Full-service officer only S corporation payroll offering has you and your clients covered:

  • Choose the pay frequency that best fits each client
  • Simple reporting of fridge benefits on annual forms
  • Flexible payment options to easily pay your shareholder-employee clients
  • Automatic filling of all federal, state & local taxes & forms
  • Comprehensive reporting tools & general ledger integration at your fingertips
  • Optional add-on services such as Simple IRA or 401(k)that integrate directly with payroll

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Whether you’re a new client or an existing relationship, King Tax Software can help create a ADP account for your business.